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Chapel Camera Club (How it all began nearly 30 years ago…… By one of the founder members - Derek Alsop 

“It all came about during a visit I made to the dentist in Chapel.  Whilst waiting my turn, I got into conversation with the receptionist about photography and jokingly said ‘If you will be the Secretary I will be the Chairman!’ and she agreed.

Tony Pioli, Alex McGill and I had been taking lots of photos on many bird watching trips.  So I placed an advert for anyone interested in the Buxton Advertiser and to our amazement nearly 60 people turned up!  With such an interest further meeting was called for 2 weeks hence at which 30 attended – so we formed a committee including Dennis Milner.

It was agreed that Wednesday night would be best for meetings, so, armed with this I went to see about getting a room and after finding one room unavailable, I met the landlord of the Kings Arms in Chapel where a room for £5 a night was booked and we started. This was quite a challenge, none of us had any experience of what was required to run a club but we very quickly learned and we stayed there for a number of years collecting equipment.  Finding speakers in those days was much more difficult than now, but we managed.

We have always had a sense of belonging in this club and this has stood us in good stead. From the Kings Arms we then had to find a new venue in a hurry and thanks to the landlord of the Rose and Crown in Tunstead Milton who kindly let us have a totally unsuitable room without charge, which saved the day! Then we had a stroke of luck there was a room at the Squirrels Hotel in Chinley, some of us did not want to leave the Chapel area, but go we did and this move put the club back on its feet We were made very welcome and again there was no charge for the room, which helped the finances tremendously.

Then we moved again – this time to The George at Hayfield, which while not being the best place for us enabled us to re-establish ourselves. Then yet another move - this time we managed to get the room at Hayfield Conservative Club where we stayed for a while before it became necessary to move once again to our current room at Chapel Golf Club."  Derek Alsop (2015)

Derek died in 2018 and is a great loss to the club. On alternate years he and Tony Pioli judged the Club Natural History Competition. His photographs of farmers and business owners in the area adorn the walls of the Bee Hive in Combs and many other pubs in the locality.