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Why we Encourage Competitions

Gaining satisfaction and pleasure from an interest in photography is what we all share, and what the club promotes, whether you do it through competition or joining our forums or just posting your images on your own album in our members area it is your choice. There are many ways the club provides for you to enjoy your photography, you just have to decide how.

You will see that competitions are a major part of the clubs activities, as directed by our constitution, and a lot of what we do is driven by competition. It is what the rest of our programme is built around, however, competition is just a vehicle that is used for members to improve techniques. Some members want to go on and gain awards, but entering competitions is not important for everyone and there is no compulsion to do so - but it is a good way of measuring your skills and progress.

Our varied programme aims to help members improve their photography by providing inspirational ideas and images from a high standard of visiting lecturers and running a Mentoring Scheme to help all members (no matter what level they are at) gain new skills and techniques. The popular Sunday Forums, which have been running for a number of years now, provides a relaxed atmosphere where members can discuss all aspects of photography, bring along their images for discussion and also watch Photoshop techniques explained and demonstrated by a few knowledgeable members.

Competitions, the Mentoring Scheme and the Sunday Forums all help members improve their camera and software skills. Our programme introduces to members a taste of just what is possible in photography today. We hope that armed with all these possibilities you can gain much satisfaction from your own photography. The choice is yours.