CAP Group Meeting

Our first CAP group meeting of 2020 will be on Monday the 27th January 7.30pm at REMS Market Street Chapel.

This group is aimed at the more advanced members, but others may find it interesting too. (Organised by Helena Jones and Keith Gordon)

The BIG group for those just getting in to their photography deals with moreĀ  basic topics and help in to competitions, this meeting date will be announced soon. (Organised by Charlotte Nuttall and James Street)


CAP Agenda

We will try to have another look at how we produce a Print from RAW to finished image this was an interesting topic at the last meeting, so bring one along to share your process.

Bring in a couple of NEW images Print or DPI's for discussion, as usual these should be your better images or work you are experimenting with or may want advice on such as entering the BPE exhibitions.

A look at the panel competition coming up soon, again bring your ideas along and trial panels for discussion.

A look at some interesting and innovative websites and software

A review of the latest BPE exhibitions and results and keeping a keen eye on the images currently getting acceptances.

The new BPE season starts this month first with Southport (NOTE Southport is one of the few BPE's that accepts Prints now) closing date 17th Jan, and Clay Cross DPI exhibition closing date 27th Jan

If you have any other topics to discuss let me know before hand if you can. Remember we rely on you to have a successful meeting so please bring in your work for review, email James with any DPI's before hand if you can or bring them on a USB.

Look Forward to seeing you all back again on the 27th.